Copperhead knife history

Copperhead knife history

In Case introduced an entirely new knife pattern that took the collector wold by storm. Designed by Case Legend Tom Hart, the Copperlock combined elements from classic Case knife patterns to make an entirely new lockback knife. With a fully locking blade, it has the cutting power of a lockback, with the look and feel of a traditional Case pocketknife. Army is made up of the most dedicated, and respected Soldiers in the world; protecting America's Beautifully displayed in a wooden gift box.

Virtually indestructible, choose your next tough knife from this family. When the days get With a deep, full-bodied tone, this colorful Case takes great pride in its variety of handle and blade combinations that Made in the USA. Specs: Closed Case honors our longstanding commitment to Scouting with eleven knives, offering classic bone handles and brass shields or lightweight Case Mini CopperLock2. The blade is finished with a Each knife imbues earthy edge and Created with Sketch.

Toggle menu Gift Certificates. All Paracord Paracord ft. Paracord ft. Paracord Paracord Accessories. View all Brands. Knife Care Gun Care Sheaths. Handcuffs Batons Personal Defense Spray. Choose Options Compare. Add to Cart Compare. Case Copperlock3. Compare Selected.Their rich history and quality products are what makes them stand out from other brands in the knife industry. Read on to learn more about Boker and the amazing knives they produce!

The Boker brand has survived several wars and multiple economic depressions over the course of the last years. Their commitment to producing an excellent product has helped them to weather difficult times and has propelled them to the top of the knife world.

Old Timer Knives

Boker Knives as we know it was founded in Solingen, Germany in as a tool manufacturer. As wars ensued, the demand for weapons increased. Boker started producing sabers in with nearly pieces hand made by the end of Back in Solingen, Heinrich Boker expanded his manufacturing output to razors, scissors and pocketknives. Following the War, Boker would regain contact with Boker New York and knives would again begin to flow from the factory in Germany.

Innovation, quality and a wide price range make their knives more accessible to consumers than other brands.

copperhead knife history

Today, Boker continues their legacy of producing high quality knives. Its factory in Solingen, Germany is alive and well on the banks of the Wupper river and produces thousands of knives a day.

copperhead knife history

From traditional slip-joint pocketknives to tactical folding knives, the Boker brand continues to innovate and raise the bar. Your email address will not be published. Boker Knives: A Brief History. Related posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved.View all Copperhead Pocket Knives. Are you in the market to purchase a new Copperhead pocket knife?

We stock and sell over 60 different models of the Copperhead pocket knife from leading manufacturers in the cutlery industry. Whether you are an avid collector or just looking for an everyday carry Copperhead knife to use at home or at work; we can help you with selecting the proper Copperhead to suit your needs.

Now that you know you are in the right place lets dive a little deeper into the Copperhead pocket knife. These blades are made of titanium, stainless, or carbon steel blades. The blade configuration is as follows; the largest blade on the Copperhead is the clip blade and directly behind the clip blade is a smaller pen blade. Copperhead knives usually have three polished nickel silver bolsters. These bolsters can be squared or rounded depending on the exact model.

That is where the real question comes in; Copperhead knives just like all other traditional pocket knives are offered is a wide variety of handle colors and handle materials.

Basically, the sky in the limit and as a customer you can really pick and choose to make your Copperhead Knife personalized to you. As with any knife; with proper care maintenance of your Copperhead Pocket Knife will insure that your new Copperhead will last a lifetime. Follow the steps below and you will be rewarded with a great tool.

These are the top brands that are manufacturing Copperhead pocket knives currently. List all Copperhead Pocket Knives. What is a Copperhead Pocket Knife?

How big are Copperhead Knives? What types of handles are available for Copperhead Knives? How to care for your Copperhead Pocket Knife? Plus a sharp knife is always safer to use compared to a dull one. Clean out the inside of your Copperhead knife: Dirt, dust and lint all collect on the side of your knife where the blades lay when closed.

Also around the tangs of the blades is an area that needs to be cleaned regularly. Oil your knife: It does not matter of your knife has stainless or carbon steel blades.

It is important to keep a thick layer of oil on the blades and pivot points of the knife. This will keep your Copperhead blades moving properly and will help prevent rusting. What brands are manufacturing Copperhead Pocket Knives? Top Selling Copperhead Pocket Knives. Brands 5. Price Minimum.The Cheetah pattern is one of the most storied of all Case knives. What makes this single-bladed knife so popular is its locking clip blade with the added safety of a swing guard.

Throughout its existence, it has been manufactured with and without a swing guard, and with and without a locking mechanism. Some of the more recent knives are stamped with an "L" after the pattern number, which signifies that it has a clip blade that locks when opened.

Inafter a 20 year hiatus, Case reintroduced this patten offering a redesigned and improved knife. Army is made up of the most dedicated, and respected Soldiers in the world; protecting Dark Brown Giraffe Bone handles present a spectacular mottled look reminiscent of fine marble, making this material a real conversation starter.

Tough enough to stand up to just about anything, Carbon Fiber has become the go-to Rich dark olive tones on theseRussell jigged bone handles provide a dramatic It also features a locking clip Case Cheetah 6. The properties of Buffalo Horn make it a natural choice for handling knives.

Nine patterns are available, each uniquely jigged and hand finished Formed through a process combining incredible versatillity in use and Accented with embellished pocket end Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Gift Certificates. All Paracord Paracord ft.

copperhead knife history

Paracord ft. Paracord Paracord Accessories. View all Brands.For many, the mere mention of Old Timer knives elicits positive feelings of warm summer evenings wandering through the woods or whittling small trinkets on the back porch. Even after 55 years, Old Timer knives remain popular, whether it's because the name itself means so much to so many people or the knives still carry a lure in their appearance and construction probably a bit of both.

Despite the enduring legacy of a brand commonly associated with quality and dependability, Old Timer has been on a long, winding road with many obstacles along the way.

In this article, we'll talk about the storied history of Old Timers, give you a quick breakdown of some of the most important Old Timers ever made, and offer up a comparison chart. Even though the Old Timer brand wasn't created untilits roots date back to when George Schrade formed the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden. Schrade found great success with his knives, but the company was eventually sold in to become part of the Imperial Knife Associated Companies group.

That group which would later become the more familiar Imperial Schrade Corp had already consisted of two established knife companies: Ulster Knife Company and Imperial Knife Company.

We're skipping over a ton of Schrade history, but since this article focuses on Old Timers, we're jumping directly to The true origin of the Old Timer is unclear with stories and snippets on how the brand came about coming from many sources, including some that are reliable and some that aren't. One of the stories reported in the Old Timer Almanac says that Uncle Henry Baer, president of the Schrade Cutlery Corp, or his brother Albert Baer, chairman at the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, desired a good old-fashioned knife and the name Old Timer was a natural fit for a new line of knives that harkened back to the days of old.

Another similar story is found in the paperwork that accompanied a 25th anniversary model of the 34OT. We reached back into the files to find a pattern with the greatest utility. One that was comfortable to hold and that would be practical for whittling and carving, and husky enough to stand the rough treatment by the home handyman.

That story is probably some parts reality and some parts legend, but Schrade was not the first to use the name Old Timer on a knife. Impressive sleuthing by a Schrade collector and confirmation from an employee indicate that KA-BAR sold a trapper knife bearing the Old Timer name as early as the mids. This was likely just a coincidence, but either way, Schrade-Walden took the Old Timer name and made it their own. Then, inthe 8OT was added to the line.

Here's a great excerpt from a thorough Old Timer article by Larry Vickery that lays out some of the earliest models, including those from Ulster. For whatever reason, by the end of the decade, Schrade decided to close down the Ulster line to focus solely on the Schrade-Walden name, which allowed the Old Timer knife to be forever connected with Schrade.

Fun fact: According to some investigating by Dennis Ellingsen, who wrote an article in the Oregon Knife Club newsletteran advertising program conducted by a tobacco company let customers collect coupons from inside tobacco cans to redeem one of three new Ulster Old Timer Knives.

You can still find some of these old knives and tins on eBay. As you might expect, Old Timers became increasingly popular with each year and were considered a prime example of quality and craftsmanship in a knife.

At a time when stainless steels were becoming all the rage, Old Timers featured high carbon steels that would hold an edge and sharpen easily.Are you a current member with account or password issues? Please visit following page for more information. Joined: Apr 7, Messages: Likes Received: 4, Hello all, I have found that there is a small community of people here on the forum who whittle, and I thought they would be an excellent group of people to help me with this conundrum.

I have just recently started whittling, and I am enjoying it greatly. These all work fine, but I am interested in getting a knife that is designed specifically for whittling. The other day, I was looking for this kind of knife on Case's website, and I saw two patterns that interested me. The first was the Copperhead, with wharncliffe blade, and the second was the Seahorse Whittler. I found both of these knives to be pretty close in price, and both had some handles that I liked, so I couldn't decide which one to get.

So now the question: which is better for whittling? If you have had any experience with these knives, what was it, and how did they function. If you have any ideas for other whittlers, or prefer other designs over the two I mentioned, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Well, okay, I guess that is three questions, but hey, it's a free country right? Thanks for your help. Adahn Loaded Pockets. Joined: Sep 3, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 14, I was only reading in the German knives magazine about this, but they liked it a lot.

Google for it, you'll find it easily.


As I'm not whittling I can't say if they are any good, I'd just try it with the simple version. Detail Jack simlest version Whittling Jack most functions. Yablanowitz Loaded Pockets.Copperheadalso called Peace Democratduring the American Civil Warpejoratively, any citizen in the North who opposed the war policy and advocated restoration of the Union through a negotiated settlement with the South.

The word Copperhead was first so used by the New York Tribune on July 20,in reference to the snake that sneaks and strikes without warning. Copperhead strength was mainly in the Midwest Ohio, Indianaand Illinoiswhere many families had Southern roots and where agrarian interests fostered resentment of the growing dominance of industrialists in the Republican Party and federal government. In addition, groups opposed to conscription and emancipation—e.

Although Republicans accused these groups of treasonable activities, there is little evidence to support the accusation. Most Copperheads were more interested in maintaining the existence of the Democratic Party and defeating Republican opponents for public office than they were in participating in any disloyal activities.

On the other hand, Copperheads were able to block important war legislation in the Indiana state government, and they controlled the lower house in Illinois for a time. Seymour was elected governor of New York inand Vallandigham ran unsuccessfully for governor of Ohio in At the Democratic national convention, Copperheads gained control of the party platform and inserted a plank calling the war a failure and advocating immediate peace negotiations.

Party presidential candidate George McClellan repudiated the Copperhead peace plank, however. By the end of the war, the terms Democrat and Copperhead had become virtually synonymous throughout much of the North. As a result, even though the Copperheads failed to exercise any significant influence on the conduct or outcome of the war and even though most Northern Democrats supported Lincoln and the war effort, the Democratic Party carried the stigma of disloyalty for decades after Appomattox.

Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Copperhead American political faction. See Article History. Read More on This Topic.

In January Lincoln was despondent about the political situation in the North. Antiwar Democrats had been in evidence since the beginning….

Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Lincoln did what he could to cultivate the assistance of the war Democrats, as in securing from Congress the timely approval of the Thirteenth Amendment.

So far as feasible, he conciliated the peace Democrats.

No more Rough Rider knives!

He heeded…. United States presidential election of Wartime discord. Horatio Seymour. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox! Email address.


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