How much is an antique record player cabinet worth

How much is an antique record player cabinet worth

Complete your registration and get started. Vinyl has made a great comeback. Even though music players have changed rapidly in the last few decades, from CD to MP3 to online streaming, vinyl has a certain charm that still attracts music lovers all over the world. It is therefore only logical that with the popularity of the vinyl records, the demand in the equipment has also increased.

Not all record players are worth a lot of money, but some are definitely valuable. How can you work out which is which? Find out here how to determine the value of your old record player.

Condition Like with all technology, the condition is very important when determining the value of a record player.

A player that is not properly working might still look nice as a vintage decorative item, but it won't be as valuable. A player in bad shape can easily damage your fragile vinyl records. A player in good condition should have a nice flat base, the turntable should be able to turn freely and the arm should be able to move without giving any friction. The stylus and cartridge should be in great condition as well, since they touch your records and should not harm them in any way.

Brand Many companies have made record players over the years. But some brands produce better models than others and have a better reputation. And finally, DualKenwood and Marantz are also synonym for great value.

If you own one of these, you could have a high-quality, high-value player. Model Some models are true winners when it comes to great value. The Linn Sondek LP12 has high status among collectors. The model was introduced in and it has a charming look with its wooden exterior. This model is the very best of vintage Hi-Fi. As mentioned, although damaged or broken record players certainly don't have the same value as ones which can still play perfectly, that doesn't mean broken players don't have any value at all.

Some record players can still be valuable because of their striking and unique style. While record player companies in the s and early 70s focused mainly on rich sound by producing quality amplifiers and speakers, the focus in the late s and 80s shifted towards great designs. Beautiful and rare designs and special edition players can be very valuable.

The various elements such as the condition, brand, design and model make all the difference when it comes to the value of your vintage record players.

Antique Victrola Value

But buying your perfect player should not only depend on these aspects, but also on personal taste.Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members.

Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. I did not see this one on eBay but I saw one like yours on Pinterest: www. Refurbished and in excellent working order. Also includes added input for MP3 or other digital device. Great look, great sound and an excellent price. This is a neat piece and seeing them always brings back nice memories! Advertisement There are a bunch of variables when selling these, like working condition and condition of the console, replacement or original parts, etc.

The answer to each variable will change the value of the item. Your location will also change the value of the item. Like if it works, has all original hi fi pieces, the wood is pristine, you will see one value, vs. If you have a reputable store like a consignment shop around, I suggest you talk to them to find out what your piece will sell in the condition yours is in and in your town.

The upside of this is then you don't have to deal with the muss and fuss of selling it yourself, trying to get it to someone, etc. You usually get more that way too. Advertisement Some other general info Where I am in Pittsburgh, people like to take these things apart and sell off the cabinet for flea market flip pieces and the machine for parts if it works. But that is a regional thing, which may not fly where you are located.

People who have their own project pieces are always looking for parts to keep theirs going.

how much is an antique record player cabinet worth

Please post back what you learn!! Thanks for sharing!! The radio and record player have been in my family for years. Any idea how much they are worth? Your RCA Victor radio console is probably from the 's and may be a tube radio. Are these stereo players worth anything these days? I am just asking because my mother had it like forever and it still plays the 8 track tapes and the radio still plays very well.

I don't know about the record player I think it needs a needle. Probably not very valuable as this brand - Truetone - was sold by Western Auto and they were on the lower end of this unit.

Reduce the price if it does not sell. I have this RCA Victor player. It works. It is in my basement and I would like to sell it. Can you tell me where to start? It is in excellent shape with only a small mark in the front on the right. There is also a diamond needle in the case for it. These items are highly sought after these days. I would post this in your area on Craigslist to sell it.

This way you do not have to worry about shipping the heavy item off to the person who has purchased it. The shipping costs will be expensive and the person who buys the item will not want to pay all this money for the item. Your piece is marked on the back Electrical Products Co mfg ltd.

I believe they are a Canadian based company.Walnut with two spring action release cabinet doors. View Full Details. H 31 in. W 36 in. D 20 in. Vintage Conant ball credenza or record cabinet by Leslie Diamond in pristine condition. This simple, understated record cabinet was designed by Leslie Diamond for the ModernMates W 32 in. A dark walnut pull down front drawer midcentury record cabinet with four storage bins able to hold up to plus albums. A brass handle to the detailed four walnut panel front and t H 29 in.

W 28 in. This stunning vintage modern sideboard features cabinet doors with white laminate fronts and metal handles. This three-piece unit boasts a walnut casing with gorgeous wood grain thro H 28 in. This is the perfect place for your records a well crafted walnut cabinet detailed brass handle that pulls the door down revealing four record bins that holds up to albums. The we We are delighted to offer for sale this lovely Record Player cupboard which is hidden as a Regency style chest of drawers in solid flamed mahogany A very well made and decorative A true blast from the past!

Imperial music minder record cabinet filing system. Interior has the original dividers and labels attached. Rotating interior drum mechanism allows user tCompanies like Edison and Pathe also made many phonographs during this time, but the Victrola remains distinct because it has an external bull horn. People who are interested in items like phonographs, antique music player and antique records now collect Victrolas. The value of these pieces depends on their model, serial number and condition.

These seven models were the most commonly sold models of Victrola. According to Victor-Victrola. Since these are the most common, they have to be in mint or near mint condition to be worth much money.

Collectors look for this particular model because far fewer of them were made compared to other models. If you possess a VV in good condition, it may be worth thousands of dollars to collectors.

The XVI model interests collectors because it is the first Victrola model produced by the Victor Talking Machine Company, and there are few left around in the condition collectors seek. If a XVI is in good condition, it is worth a lot to a collector. The condition of a Victrola often determines its value as an antique.

Any model with the original shipping crate is worth far more than one without. The finish on a Victrola makes it stand out to collectors. The most common finishes are mahogany and oak, which add nothing to a Victrola's value. Collectors seek Victrolas finished in a walnut or finished in a custom paint job. These finishes substantially increase a Victrola's selling value.

Almost all wood-spring Victrolas are favored over their electric counterparts. Collectors look for the spring-wood motor because it is an older technology and there are fewer spring-wood motors left in good condition. Emily Holland is a student writer earning a degree in international relations with a minor in Spanish from North Carolina State University.

how much is an antique record player cabinet worth

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how much is an antique record player cabinet worth

Photo Credits.Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. Does anyone know how much this cabinet record player is worth? It has been in the family for a while now. I am looking for any information about this crank phonograph and its value. There is no name on it. The cone has a marking of "Pat Appd for".

Value of Vintage Cabinet Record Players?

A friend commissioned me to research a similar piece last year when his uncle fell ill and they needed the money for his care. It has the lines of a Type E, but the type E that I have seen does not have the fancy metal cut outs on the arm. Victor started in the early s, and I am not clear on what year the E model came out. I never was able go find the old ads to verify a year.

Many of these pieces have been "doctored" over the years to keep them going, so unless you know the entire history of a piece from family history, you may never learn the entire history of the piece.

What I mean by doctored is that if a piece broke, usually the man, of the house would fashion something to keep it going. This could be any of the pieces. The horns seen today were often not original either, as music purists say that the original horns had terrible sound quality so when they wanted to listen to their music, they often bought what we now call after market horns so they had better musical quality. Advertisement Some folks had different horns the thing that looks like a witches hat--which they are often called by dealers for different music.

That yours is not marked is concerning, as most Victor pieces were distinctly marked. Do you see a place where a 'badge' may have fell off.

Here is a link with badge types: www. If you are looking to sell yours, I strongly suggest not trying it on your own, find someone in your city who specializes in these and can tell you what it is worth in today's market for your exact item. Advertisement Get several opinions--as I found people's "values" varied significantly depending on what part of town I shopped it to.

Yours appears to be in rough shape, which causes a huge devaluing, as people want those that are pristine, so do not be discouraged if they give you a low value. This is because people have "project players" that they want to repair and they want the original pieces to do so.

After all was said and done, my friend kept the piece because it was sentimental and found other funding for his loved one. I learned a lot!! It was a fun project! Advertisement Post back what you learn about yours!!! Thanks for sharing. I have a Harmograph type H working talking machine.Increase the search radius for more results.

Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. Get an alert with the newest ads for "vintage cabinet record player" in Ontario. All rights reserved. Kijiji We're listening, learning and taking action Our commitment to Black and Indigenous communities.

More Filtering Options. Price. For Sale By: Owner Business. Update Cancel. Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel. Sign Up. Kijiji Alerts. Sort by Posted: oldest first Posted: newest first Price: lowest first Price: highest first. Notify me when new ads are posted. Truetone radio record player, tube, antique working.

Truetone, model D Restored to fully working condition. Beautiful wood cabinet. Picks up AM radio very nicely.

Plays 78 records. I replaced the cartridge on the turntable. I changed out the capacitors the common cause of major hum. Antique Record Cabinet. For sale is an antique record cabinet, dating around the s or so.Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas. We're dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Warning: Decorating with Chairish can be addictive. This gorgeous, Victrola Record Player cabinet is your chance to get your creative on!

Missing two of its front Missing two of its front knobs and no interior components, the options for re-creating this marvelous cabinet are pretty much endless. So, what is it going to be? A classy home bar? A mini-storage armoire? A re-imagined stereo cabinet?

Enquiring minds want to know Brand is Victor Talking Machine Company. Dimensions in : The Local Flea.

Vinyl Sucks

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