How to use google in china

How to use google in china

Is it possible to access Google in China in ? When it comes to being censored within China, though, Google is in good company. Yes…all of it is blocked. So what are your options?

how to use google in china

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Here are three simple steps to get you connected to Google in China. Note : T his article contains affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, I will be compensated if you use some of these services I recommend. It sounds simple enough to access the internet in China, right? But you might find it more difficult than you first imagined.

The most common ways to access the internet in China are:. China sometimes blocks certain IP addresses, which can cause major connection issues no matter which VPN you use. Because a VPN does slow down your connection slightly, though, I know some people who prefer to only connect when they need it.

Only on rare occasions has my access to Google in China been cut. Keep in mind that this method is the same way I use to access Instagram in China as well as watch all my favorite Netflix shows in China. Were you able to use Google while traveling in China? How did it go for you? Let me know in the comments below. These simple but often overlooked tips could make or break your trip!

Download the Tips Here. Josh is the founder of TravelChinaCheaper. Over that period of time he has traveled by plane, train, car, motorcycle and even camel to explore almost every corner of the country. More often than not, they have special things they do for China customers to make connections better. And now I found it more effective when search via google. I arrived in Shanghai from canada a few dAys ago and i have had zero issues accessing all things GoogLe while roaming — im on Rogers using their Roam Like HoMe feature.

Although i did set up with a vpn, i have found it unnecessaRy. Hi Dann, thanks for the feedback. May i know after getting the vpn do i still need data roaming from my internet provider? Thank you for your help. In order to use a VPN, you will need internet access. That could be data roaming or it could be WiFi. Im from malaysia.Important : Due to the increased restrictions on internet usage in China, you should always keep your VPN updated to make sure it works at its best.

There are many other blocked websites, and depending on what you do, it may be virtually impossible for you to work in China without a VPN Virtual Private Network. The most striking case is probably that of Google.

To solve this problem, you can install a VPNwhich masks your I. A VPN will allow you to bypass the firewall and access any website you want. However, you need to choose wisely: even though there are dozens of VPN services available, only a few work well in China. The majority of the software updates offered by the main VPN providers have the purpose of ensuring that their VPN continues to be accessible in China.

Make sure that the VPN that you are purchasing has this encryption protocol. However, sometimes servers in the United States are faster because they have fewer users connected to them.

If you are going to spend a long time in China and having unrestricted access to the Internet is essential for you, you should consider getting a backup VPN. Pressure on VPNs has greatly intensified over the past years, and all VPN have undergone breakdowns in service at some time. Even though the four VPN generally work well in China, every place is different. One VPN can work better than another in Shanghai but worse in Changsha, so it is important to have the opportunity to test the VPN before making a year commitment.

All the VPN we recommend offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Monthly Plan : If you are traveling to China for tourism or temporarily, a VPN for only one month is the best for you. In this case, since the prices are quite similar, we recommend ExpressVPN. Thus, Ivacy is the cheapest.

According to our personal experience, the experience of our writers based in China and the feedback of our readers both the ones that let comments at the end of our articles and the ones that contact us by emailso far ExpressVPN is the company that is providing the best, fastest support. Server Count : This is a very important feature, as the more servers there are, the less likely it is that your connection will be slow or get cut out due to too many users using the same server.

In this aspect, ExpressVPN is the one that offers the most guarantees. Countries With Servers : This is a basic function, especially if you want to access content restricted to a specific country. Besides, it is also necessary to obtain a good browsing speed, as the closer you are to the server, the better the potential speed will be. Therefore, having a large number of servers in countries around China increases the possibility of finding one with good services.

Browser extension : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, the two most widely used browsers, allow the possibility of adding small programs or extensionswhich provide new useful tools when browsing the web. Some VPNs offer extensions for these browsers that are used to be able to control a VPN and see the state of the connection easily from your browser while surfing the web.

In this sense ExpressVPN is the one that offers more possibilities. Simultaneous Connections : Today, being able to have simultaneous connections is a basic feature of a VPN, as having a reliable and free connection to the internet is not just necessary for your laptop but also for your cell phone, tablet or other devices. Having simultaneous connections saves you from the problem of having to connect the VPN depending on which device you want to use to access the internet.

With this, for example, you can check Google Maps on your cell phone while you check your Gmail on your computer. All the VPN we recommend offer at least 5 simultaneous connections, which shall be more than enough. Encryption Protocols : Encryption protocols are important to avoid censorship and to improve security.

VyprVPN also offers a protocol exclusively designed to avoid blocking, called Chamaleon.If you have an Android phone and have been using the Google Play app store, you should know that Google Play is currently not available in China. In this article, we will discuss this problem and also offer some methods and tips on how to access the Google Play store in China.

For many Android users, Google Play Store is the equivalent. In addition to mobile apps, on the Google Play store you can also download games, books, magazines and other contents.

Instead, depending on the brand of the phone, it will come with some other app stores, mostly likely one offered by a Chinese company. If you own an Android phone purchased outside of China which has Google Play pre-installed, when you visit China, you will find that you can no longer use it. As a result, many well-known websites and services, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Google used to be available in China until five years ago when the company refused to self-censor its search results and then pulled its service out of China. After that, most Google services became inaccessible from China, including the Google Play app store.

Around late and earlythere has been some rumors and news suggesting that Google might launch a Chinese version of its Google Play in and as a result Android phone users would be able to access Google Play from China. However, since then there has been no follow-up news on this topic. So far the Google Play store is still not available and not accessible in China.

how to use google in china

If you will only stay in China for a short period of time, you might be able to live without the Google Play store by not installing new apps or updating existing apps during your visit.

Or you can set up a VPN on your mobile devices to bypass the blocking and thus access the Google Play app store in China. We will list a few VPN services that work well in China in the later part of this article. We will list a few of them in the later part of this article.

At VPNDada. Below are some VPN services that we recommend for being used in China:. Reason for recommending: Reliable connection, fast speed. Good customer support. Free Trial : day money-back. Simultaneous Connections: 5 devices. Free Trial : day money-back guarantee.But in Augustthe investigative journalism website The Intercept reported that the company was working on a secret prototype of a new, censored Chinese search engine, called Project Dragonfly.

This misses the point—this time the Chinese government will make the decisions. Google and China have been locked in an awkward tango for over a decade, constantly grappling over who leads and who follows.

To understand whether China will let Google back in, we must understand how Google and China got here, what incentives each party faces—and how artificial intelligence might have both of them dancing to a new tune. When www. The iPhone did not yet exist, nor did any Android-based smartphones. Google was about one-fifth as large and valuable as it is today, and the Chinese internet was seen as a backwater of knockoff products that were devoid of innovation.

Central to that decision by Google leadership was a bet that by serving the market—even with a censored product—they could broaden the horizons of Chinese users and nudge the Chinese internet toward greater openness.

At first, Google appeared to be succeeding in that mission. When Chinese users searched for censored content on google. China might be a promising market, but it was still dependent on Silicon Valley for talent, funding, and knowledge.

Google wanted to be in China, the thinking went, but China needed Google. Baidu and other search engines in China soon followed suit. Over the next four years, Google China fought skirmishes on multiple fronts: with the Chinese government over content restrictions, with local competitor Baidu over the quality of search results, and with its own corporate leadership in Mountain View, California, over the freedom to adapt global products for local needs.

The attack, which Google said came from within China, pushed company leadership over the edge. The sudden reversal blindsided Chinese officials.

how to use google in china

Most Chinese internet users could go about their online lives with few reminders of government controls, but the Google announcement shoved cyberattacks and censorship into the spotlight.

The whole internet was abuzz with this.

Is Google blocked in China?

But officials refused to cede ground. Government control of information was—and remains—central to Chinese Communist Party doctrine. Google soon abandoned google. In response, the Chinese government decided not to fully block services like Gmail and Google Maps, and for a while it allowed sporadic access from the mainland to the Hong Kong search engine too.

The two sides settled into a tense stalemate. I think absolutely. But instead of languishing under censorship, the Chinese internet sector boomed. Between andthere was an explosion of new products and companies. Chinese engineers and entrepreneurs returning from Silicon Valley, including many former Googlers, were crucial to this dynamism, bringing world-class technical and entrepreneurial chops to markets insulated from their former employers in the US.

Older companies like Baidu and Alibaba also grew quickly during these years. Inthe government launched a new crackdown on virtual private networks, software widely used for circumventing censorship.

How to Use Google in China

The Chinese government played contradictory roles in this process. That confluence of forces brought results. Services like Meituan flourished. Amidst this home-grown success, the Chinese government decided to break the uneasy truce with Google. The Chinese government had pulled off an unexpected hat trick: locking out the Silicon Valley giants, censoring political speech, and still cultivating an internet that was controllable, profitable, and innovative. With the Chinese internet blossoming and the government not backing down, Google began to search for ways back into China.

Inrumors swirled that Google was close to bringing its Google Play app store back to China, pending Chinese government approval—but the promised app store never materialized. This was followed by a partnership with Mobvoi, a Chinese smart-watch maker founded by an ex-Google employee, to make voice search available on Android Wear in China.

Google later invested in Mobvoi, its first direct investment in China since In Marchthere were reports that authorities would allow Google Scholar back in.Google Search is partially blocked in China.

Requests from the mainland to Google Search, including Google. Depending on what you search for on the Hong Kong version, the results may or may not be censored while in China.

More benign searches may return results normally, but whether links are accessible depends on their individual standing with Chinese authorities. You can see the working options in our China VPN list. In this case, you could simply connect to a server outside of mainland China to access Google normally. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN.

Note that if you plan to visit China, get your VPN set up and working before you leave. VPNs are normally subscription services that require monthly or yearly payment.

A good VPN will offer strong security, fast speeds, good customer service, and plenty of servers to choose from. Not all VPNs will work, however. For this reason, we maintain a list of the best VPNs for China that have proven to be reliable. Connect to the server. At its peak, Google Search in the form of Google. Inthe Chinese government started demanding that Google self-censor results and remove links to certain overseas websites.

Google refused. Then, when an alleged state-sponsored attack on Google servers attempted to hack the accounts of some Chinese dissidents, Google decided to end its mainland China operations entirely. InGoogle shut down Google. Google is freely accessible in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Menu Close. Domain to check.

Is Google blocked in China?Thousands of expats, returned Chinese, web developers, travelers, students and the like would hope not, but things are not so well with Googles China relationship, it would appear.

Most Google services including search, at any domain. The outage, if you like, extends to Gmail, Maps, Translate and just about everything Google do. Which, as you could imagine is somewhat frustrating to many, especially expats.

The Best VPN for China Still Working in April 2020 (with Comparison Table)

However, Bing and Yahoo are available as they have complied with local requirements. BaiduChinas leading search engine, at this point offers no English language services, where Google was offering multiple language options and in many applications such as maps, offering dual language with Simplified Chinese and English which is indispensable for finding where you want to go, then showing it to the bus ticket office or taxi driver. An option is Baidu Maps but it is in Chinese, although, it is useful for identifying bus and metro routes via by dragging icons.

Another tool and APP is Maps. Me which is available for Android and Apple, offering offline maps. Email Gmail is out, so really that puts most people in the position of one option, which is to use a VPN or redirect your mail which would be somewhat of a hassle.

Outlook is working OKas is Yahoo Mail. Play Store for Android There are local alternatives to Play Store for Android but nothing comparable or perhaps none that offer the same level of trust. These two are operational. I use Express at the moment on both mobile and laptop, usually works quite good, lots of server locations, and plays video OK, sometimes you may have to pause the video and let it load up before watching, downloading torrent files is OK too.

The other solution is to learn to read local characters and switch to using local services. Good luck with that.

Google In China - Alternatives? - China Forum

Many hope it can.Whilst travelling using Google services such as maps, gmail and especially translate have been indispensable. Now that Google services are almost completely unavailable, bar using VPN and occasional access to gmail, are there any cool alternatives that anyone has found?

I made a small list here welcometochina. For translate: using Bing Translate, Hanping, Pleco, downloading the offline dictionaries for Google translate app. Anybody have any other alternatives for China visitors for mapping, location, translation etc. I can reach and search google easily and instantly in Chinaby using any hotel wifi. Google is just a profit making commercial company, like all others, if you can live without apple, Coke or Macdonalds, you can live without google.

Well, it's pretty hard to live without google for 2 weeks when they are your email service.

how to use google in china

Google maps are also pretty good. They are many Chinese alternatives to Google maps and other products but they often require some knowledge of Chinese.

USING VPN IN CHINA! Isn't It Illegal??

I find it much easier to just use a VPN than trying to change all your habit and the apps that you already own. How is google related to the iPhone?

Not relevant, you can get any email provider on an iPhone and Apple is a competitor of Google who makes the android system. It doesn't matter what you use to get your email, if you email address has been with google for years, you are not going to change your life for a 2-week vacation in China as all your contact reach you via Google.

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